Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chinese Takeout Favor Boxes Tutorial

I knew my graduation party had to have lots of DIY.  One of the first things that was decided upon was that the favors would be m and m "confetti" cookies packaged in bright orange takeout boxes.  Assembling those cute little boxes of goodness turned out to be very easy and very fun.

You start with some cookies.  Actually lots of cookies.  Love is best expressed with a pile of baked goods, right?

Put those cookies (as many as you can fit -five was my magic number) in a sandwich bag.  And assemble your materials (don't forget scissors and double sided tape)!  I used white and orange ribbons for around the box and a big, funky bow for the top. 

Wrap 'em all up:

You want to wrap the two layering ribbons around and secure them with some double-sided tape at the top.  Then fold your big accent ribbon into thirds.  Slip a small piece of thin ribbon under the layering ribbons, and knot it securely around your accent bow.

Line them up with a cute little sign.

When you feel the love, share the love.

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