Sunday, April 7, 2013

Applesauce Cake

For someone who is German-American, a natural-toymaker, and interested in alternative education, being aware of the Waldorf world was pretty much a given.  There are many things that I find really attractive about Waldorf (which I would describe as a life philosophy rather than an education method).  There is a simplicity and rhythm to life, a desire to appreciate nature (including the food production process), and gratitude and celebration for all of life's moments, big and small.  What's better, is that no child is too young to take part. 

So when I saw the charming Waldorf Kindergarten Snack book with it's sweet illustrations, wholesome recipes, and little fun facts, I knew I had to try something.*  I selected applesauce cake, because I really love applesauce.

Check the recipe out below!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How To: Make your Own Beauty Treatments

Honey: Yummy and Good for Skin
Eating and washing healthy are two things that are really important to me.  I make them a priority because my health is important, but even more so because the planet is too.  Sometimes natural beauty fixes don't work (no-poo is NOT for me), but sometimes they do.  I'll try anything once, so I've been through a lot of kooky ideas.  I've kept the best and disregarded the ones that either don't work or take too much time and effort.  I think that's the way life should be ;)

After the jump, see my top five homemade beauty picks!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Soup for the Soul

Today was rough.  By all accounts.  You know those times when you just can't win?  When your to-do list stays undone?  Where everyone needs something?  Where it snows on the first day of April?  Yeah.

So I did what any good cook does.  I made soup.  Last time I was in New York City I stopped into Gluten Free NYC.  While gluten isn't the only thing I can't eat, it is one of the toughest to avoid, so whenever there's an opportunity, I check those offerings out!

Of course, being corn-free, potato-free, yeast-free, and egg yolk-free cuts down on the GF choices, so as cool as this little store was, there wasn't a lot there for me.  I did manage to snag this little bag of organic, fair-trade King Soba buckwheat Ramen noodles.  A little pricey, yes, but not bad for a pack of four imported from the UK.

I cooked them up today with some baby bok choy, chicken broth, and mushroom.  Boring, yes.  But sometimes in a day filled with unpredictable excitement, that's what you need.