Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Cakes

I have a love affair with this blog.  It's partially the name -how can you NOT like something called "Desserts for Breakfast?"  After scrolling through page after page of drool-worthy photos, I had bookmarked about ten different recipes that I just HAD to make.  HAD TO.  Given my time, monetary, and kitchen restraints, I settled on a simpler-looking one.  These adorable little sandwich cookies really got me.

Om nom.

My beloved neighbor is moving out.  My cookie muse, so to speak, with his inspiring love of all baked sweets.  Mostly cookies.  I call him cookie monster, sometimes.  I baked these for his going-away-bbq and because he squealed when he saw the recipe.  I'm going to miss that one.

He provided the jam, black cherry.  I dipped most of them into a plain dark chocolate ganache, but did one or two in CHILI-chocolate ganache.  Oh my.

Ziemlich lecker ;)

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