Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Baking

Happy Easter!  The way I look at it, this quote does a great job explaining what all humanity gained today:

"Let every man and woman count himself immortal.  Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection.  Let him say not merely, 'Christ is risen,' but 'I shall rise.'"  ~Phillips Brooks


What better way to celebrate than dinner with friends?  We began planning at 8:00 last night -stores closed at 9:00.  It was a bit of a mad dash to get everything done in time. 
I woke up this morning to get ready for church and remembered dessert!  We had halfheartedly decided on fruit, but I was raised better than that ;) .  Strawberries are delicious, but no good for the end to a dinner party.  Since we're having a heavy dinner (noodles) we need a light dessert.  The problem?  Stores are closed on Sundays, so I couldn't just go out and select any old box of cookies or new ingredients.  Plus I was out of butter.  

How to make a light, pretty, Easter dessert without butter?

 With a huge bottle of olive oil and a lemon lurking in my cabinet, I scoured the internet for an olive-oil cake.  Something about lemons and olives really seems perfect for Easter.  After all, olive oil is extremely important in the Bible.

I settled on this recipe, and did some tweaking to make it with ingredients I already had. 
You can definitely taste the olive oil in this recipe, but the fruitiness really goes with citrus fruits well, so it enhanced the flavor rather than detracting from it.  I wouldn't recommend using olive oil in non fruit-based cakes, though.  Because my kitchen has only a large springform pan in which to bake, my cake was not as pretty as I wanted it to be.  I garnished it with some candied lemon peel and sugar syrup to make it a little more presentable.  It was declared a success and promptly devoured.

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